About Our Team

You may be wondering what qualifies us to guide you in the process of building a powerful life?

John Tobias, Founder

After many years as a wilderness therapist, witnessing hundreds of clients make the transition out of the wilderness to various front country settings, I began to consider the idea of combining my experience as a transitional coach with my experience as a wilderness therapist (both predicated on my long tenure as a wilderness field staff).

After many conversations with long-time industry friends and professionals, Red Cedar Transitions (RCT) was born.    

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Chelsie Newkirk, Primary Therapist

I have always enjoyed working with young adults and their families who support them. I believe this is in part because I had a challenging time in my young adult life discovering who and how I wanted to be in the world. It was a process for me, and I benefited from having those in my life who allowed me to struggle and find my way, while still offering me support. 

It is a privilege to be able to offer this level of support and guidance to my clients and their families. 

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Kevin Waller, Primary Therapist

There are many points that have led to where I am in my life and that drive my connection to and love of the outdoors as well as working with others in the therapeutic world.

I think back to my first multi-day backpacking trip in 1995 to Jack’s River Falls in north Georgia. This was my first full exposure to the backcountry that sparked a passion for slowing down, connecting with what’s around me, and gaining a heightened awareness of my internal and external world.

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Buckey Biesak, Transition Coach

Working side by side with John, someone I consider a good friend and professional mentor is wonderful. We have similar backgrounds and perspectives and a variety of shared therapeutic strategies that will assist our clients in finding their unique, individual pathways to fulfilling futures. Together, we will learn more lessons, teach more lessons, and guide our clients through their personal journeys.

I could not be happier to be here in the lush forests and rivers that Asheville.

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David Carmean, Transition Coach

When working with young adults who’ve found themselves in need of support and guidance, my objective, though sometimes challenging, has always been simple: to help them build and maintain meaningful forward momentum in life, governed by self-accountability, and driven by values specific to themselves.

As a Lead Transition Coach for RCT I’m encouraged to do the same: to work with our clients in a supportive purpose-driven way that aligns with values specific to me.

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Cassidy Neuman, Transition Coach

Cassidy's life's journey has been woven with resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of choices.

Growing up with the challenges of divorce, family addiction, and loss, it shaped me in unexpected ways. I could have easily taken a different path.

Instead I seeked solace in safe spaces and expressed my creativity through art and wilderness. I navigated the challenges with resilience. Today, those early experiences drive my commitment to making positive choices, and here I stand, a testament to the strength that emerges from navigating adversity.

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Dan Horseman, Transition Coach

As a kid I hated school. It wasn’t until much later that I realized I didn’t actually hate learning, I just hated learning in the traditional way. I hated being lectured in a classroom.

This realization began at 19 years old when I sat in my first business class in college realizing that I made a mistake by choosing Business Management as a major. Looking for a way out, I heard that my college offered an Outdoor Education major and made this drastic change just 3 weeks into my freshman year. Little did I know at the time, this would be one of the best decisions of my life.   

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