About Cassidy

Cassidy's life's journey has been woven with resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of choices.

Growing up with the challenges of divorce, family addiction, and loss, it shaped me in unexpected ways. I could have easily taken a different path.

Instead I sought solace in safe spaces and expressed my creativity through art and wilderness. I navigated the challenges with resilience. Today, those early experiences drive my commitment to making positive choices, and here I stand, a testament to the strength that emerges from navigating adversity.

One pivotal choice that altered the course of my life was the decision to become a therapeutic wilderness instructor. Working wilderness therapy was not just a career for me; it was a profound personal journey. Stepping into the expansive embrace of nature, I found comfort and purpose, something that had been missing my whole life. The wilderness became not just my classroom but also my healer. Guiding young souls through their own trials, I witnessed the transformative power of vulnerability, openness, and trust. In their challenges, I found echoes of my own struggles, and in their triumphs, I discovered the profound impact a supportive environment can have on one's journey. It was a reciprocal journey of healing, and it fueled my passion to create spaces where others could embark on their transformative paths.

Growing up, compassion was my anchor, almost to a fault. I often pushed my own well-being to the side in order to make sure others felt supported, even if it meant completely abandoning myself. My relationship with my mother is a clear example of this. We were totally enmeshed and ridiculously codependent. She was the thread that wove through the complex tapestry of my experiences. I realized this is a wound lots of young people experience during my time working in wilderness, and made it a career goal of mine to help others navigate through it.

My approach with clients aligns deeply with Red Cedar’s mission. It’s rooted in values and purpose. Love, wonder, safety, and trust are more than just values to me; they are the guiding principles that shape my approach to life, both personal and professional. Living authentically, expressing my love and wonder, creates a sense of safety and trust within myself and the relationships I engage in. I’m skilled at building rapport quickly and setting up the foundation of a supportive and consistent relationship with boundaries. I love engaging in a deep dive of self-discovery processes and really figuring out what truly matters to clients. That way we can create plans and actionable steps to move them towards a valued based life where they can thrive. It’s become my life’s work to help others discover who they truly are. Witnessing someone in complete flowstate and expression of self is where I find my joy.

Red Cedar Transitions resonates with me because it shares this commitment to compassion. It's not just about guiding individuals through transitions; it's about creating a haven where they can be seen, heard, and valued. My own journey has taught me the profound impact of empathy, and I'm eager to contribute to an environment that prioritizes human connection, purpose, and values. Joining Red Cedar is not just a career move for me; it's an opportunity to contribute to something greater. I believe in the power of self-discovery, and I am committed to helping others navigate the intricate paths of their own stories. I’m looking forward to helping create spaces where individuals can unfold, embrace their authenticity, and find purpose amidst life's twists and turns.

In my personal time I enjoy embarking on many different creative endeavors. I’m a professional potter and a collector of hobbies. I make jewelry, lapidary, stained glass, collect rocks, play roller derby, and even know a few tricks at the skatepark. I also love learning about geology, how the Earth was formed, and about plants and fungus in my spare time. If you ever go on a walk with me chances are you will hear a mini science lesson full of random facts about the local flora, fauna, and rocks in the area.


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