Evolving on Purpose

Gain the resilience and resources that will allow you to move powerfully in the world.

Grow. Prosper. Live.

Here's How...

It's not too late to start living your best life!

If you feel stuck, frustrated and unable to get traction in your life, often due to depression, anxiety, trauma, executive functioning issues and/or substance abuse...

We can help you go from stalled out to getting traction in your life again.

We work with young adults, ages 18 to 30. You will build a powerful, effective, values-driven life with our help.

We will help you get moving powerfully and effectively in your world… again.

What Makes Us Different?

We take a collaborative approach, working with you to build the resilience and internal resources needed to live a life of purpose and vitality.

We specialize in helping create deep, rich, meaningful lives.

How Do We Help?

We provide Psychotherapy and Coaching sessions to support young adults transitioning from wilderness and other programs into the rest of their lives.


Informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), treatment goals are arrived at collaboratively, with YOU being an active participant in the process.

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We help you establish patterns of values-driven living - in the real world. We specialize in helping you create a deep, rich, meaningful life. 

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"When I refer clients and families to work with John, I am confident that they will come away having received the very best clinical support from him. His patience, flexible communication style, and ability to connect with clients no matter their level of need, is unparalleled. Not only is John a skilled clinician, he’s a compassionate person who truly enjoys collaborating with his clients and young adults in the guidance experience. The only complaint I’ve ever heard about John is that there is only one of him!"

Hannah Mariotti
Beacon Coaching and Consulting

"My life was heading down a steep slope before meeting John. I met with John weekly and he helped me turn my life around completely. I trusted him more than I’ve ever trusted any other therapist. His ability to connect with me, and build a relationship, helped me answer questions that I have never thought of asking myself. My relationship with my family is saved thanks to all of John’s work."

George Dobud

"John Tobias was instrumental in supporting our son as he embarked on his journey to recovery. His therapy approaches were effective in treating our son. The tools he introduced to us were both profound and practical - and for the two of us have proved to be a launching pad for our own self care and recovery work. John’s dedication to his clients and their families was evident by the connection he made with us and our son. John continually impressed us with his insight, experience and ability to engender trust."

Tom and Amy Luster
Brookline, MA

"John was very helpful from the onset, regarding expectations at each stage of his journey. Putting us at ease while he slowly and methodically chiseled away at the walls my son had built around him. He developed a strong relationship, built on trust, honesty, and a true caring nature that we could see and hear with each letter and phone call. JT not only coached us on supporting my son through this trying time, but also how to be a better father, mother, husband, wife, and family! "

David and Chelle Parker

Who is John Tobias and What is Red Cedar Transitions?

Having come from a family in which addiction (and the systemic turbulence that comes with addiction) was rampant, wilderness became a needed refuge in which I could find both the solace and challenge that would lead to healing and growth that I so implicitly craved.

After many years as a wilderness therapist, witnessing hundreds of clients make the transition out of the wilderness to various front country settings, Red Cedar Transitions (RCT) was born.

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