What Makes Us Different?

We take a collaborative approach with our clients.

Among other things, this means that length of stay is very flexible. Length of stay is a factor in treatment outcomes, but it’s not the whole story.

If clients can build powerful, effective, values-driven lives in three months with us, that’s fantastic. If it takes longer, we’re amenable to that as well. 

We work with clients to create flexible, results-driven treatment plans and outcome goals. These are revisited regularly to assess progress.

We can adjust treatment and client contact on a week-to-week basis to meet each client’s needs.

Treatment goals are arrived at collaboratively, with the client being an active participant in the process. We also do two psychotherapy sessions per week (most young adult transition programs do one).

Furthermore, the psychotherapy sessions deeply inform the coaching and the coaching deeply informs the psychotherapy sessions to create a seamless continuity of support and care.

In other words, we specialize in helping you establish pathways to lasting change in your life.

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