Removing Obstacles at Red Cedar Transitions

chelsie newkirk Mar 11, 2024

I have supported individuals with their personal development in many programs with a
high level of structure. Though I know that is often a necessary step for many of my
clients, I have really enjoyed the perspective at Red Cedar Transitions of removing
obstacles for clients. Allow me to explain.
I have worked in programs with graduation timelines, specific group rules, sobriety
expectations, etc. Again, I completely understand and believe in the benefit of this type
of programming for individuals in the beginning stages of their healing. It is important to
create a safety container that works for everyone.
At Red Cedar Transitions, I get to meet my clients where they are based on their
readiness and in alignment with their values as they get to know them. Without the
timelines, graduation dates, and group rules, I get to spend more time engaging in
deep, meaningful work based on what my clients most want for themselves as opposed
to bucking against systems they disagree with. This freedom to explore, experiment,
and evolve at their own pace fosters a deeper sense of self-awareness and personal
I find that when clients are not opposing rules placed on them, they can take a look at
other obstacles that are getting in the way of what they want for themselves whether it is
self-doubt, interpersonal challenges, or perceived or real agendas others have for them
in their life(what I want versus what my parents want). When we can remove these
obstacles, clients can move forward and take the necessary risks to help them engage
in the world in a more meaningful, fulfilling way.
I appreciate that our team at Red Cedar Transitions is risk-tolerant by creating a space
where clients can experience setbacks and learn from them without fear of judgment as
well as normalizing these experiences. We focus on developing essential life skills and
increasing tolerance for taking calculated risks. This is where the grit and
resiliency-building happens! This resilience becomes a powerful tool as they encounter
hurdles in various areas of life, knowing they can navigate through adversity.
A focus of my work with clients is agency—trusting in your capacity to shape your life in
meaningful ways. Many of our clients come to us feeling powerless or constrained by
their circumstances. My ultimate goal is to cultivate a deep sense of empowerment,
helping them realize they can fail, learn, and grow in their capacity to create what they
want for themselves.

Chelsie Newkirk MS, LCMHC

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