About Carson

Carson is the most recent transplant from Utah and is joining Red Cedar Transitions as our newest transition coach.

Carson has traveled around the globe managing adventure camps with friends and loved ones.

Most recently Carson was employed as a wilderness therapy field staff where he worked with adolescents and young adults.

Carson's hope is to continue to help others build community, gain confidence, find belonging, and seek independence. Carson is an avid mountain biker, you can find him at any of Asheville’s local trails whipping around turns during his spare time. We are excited to see what  Carson’s contagious energy, positive attitude, and gung-ho style will bring to Red Cedar Transitions and our clients.

I used a guiding light as a resource in my early adulthood, which looked like many strong and capable role models. I really could have used that as an older adolescent, home life could be hard and my parents had struggles with me. That changed, though, in adulthood.  With the option of the Military not working out due to heart concerns, I decided to return to school and get a degree in education.

I find so much purpose in helping people grow and develop as independent people; strong and capable people that understand what it means and feel to be strong.


Without my guiding light, I would still be teaching in a middle school, as a PE teacher; a rough intro to working with youth. With no tools in the social/emotional sense, it was a challenge. Taking full control of my life, I decided to commit to a woman on a chance that we live and work in New Zealand helping manage an Adventure Camp, as an offer to test and be sure in our relationship. I was able to travel around the world, and work outdoors; I also enjoyed some of the best professional experiences, including as a Director of an Outdoor Adventure Program in Pennsylvania, and working in the field as a wilderness instructor.

While working in the desert, I was  able to work with students on handling complex emotions such as anger, sadness, shame and regret. I also had some life experience aligned with addiction and substance abuse that allowed me to build rapport with other struggling youth.

I hope to help others find a sense of purpose and belonging in a community. Young adult programs are a small but growing portion of the mental health industry, and I feel the need to help support my fellow humans; more so now than ever with an ever-evolving world.


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